Insulated Pipe Riser Clamps for Downward Loads – E1300

Insulated Pipe Riser Clamps for Downward Loads - E1300 - Details

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General Dimensions & Specifications

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a. If thrust plate thickness “B” is greater than pipe wall thickness, consult factory.

b. One pair thrust plates supplied loose for field welding, top only.

All pipe sizes
Easy Installation
Positive stop – axially downward.
May be supported from below or above.
Overlapping galvanized sheet metal jacket
Insulating structural inserts for load transfer
Other I.D.’s and/or O.D.’s available on request
Eliminates condensation sweating on chilled water risers

Performance Test Results on File: Available upon request.

E1300 – E1330 : Applicable PSI spec. doc.: No. 206
Steel Top Thrust Plates
Model E1300: A25 Carbon-Steel
Model E1310: A387 Gr.11 Chrome-Moly
Model E1320: A515 Gr.70 Carbon Silicon
Model E1330: A304L Stainless Steel
Insulation: Calcium Silicate – Asbestos-free, treated with a water repellant.
Jackets: Galvanized Steel ASTM-527
Glue: Industrial contact adhesive
Structural Inserts: High-density calcium silicate asbestos-free, treated with water repellant.
Steel Straps: Carbon Steel ASTM A-36
Fasteners: ASTM A-307 Plated
Coating: Primer coated or hot dipped galvanized. Other coatings available upon request.

Formal Submittal Sheets Available

Model E1300 through E1330 is designed for use on:

  • Cold Water
  • Hot Water
  • Dual Temperature
  • Chilled Water
  • Vacuum
  • Steam
  • Gas
  • Air

Intended for Installation on:

  • Vertical runs of insulated pipe with downward load only.


  • For handling both upward and downward loads, see E2300

Temperature Range:

  • Standard: +40°F to +1200°F CalSil Insulation
    Note: Up to 1800°F available upon request.
  • Cryogenic: -275°F to +275°F Urethane Insulation.
    Add U after the model number (i.e., E1300U)
Iron Pipe Sizeload lb.ABCDEInsul Thk. = 1"Insul Thk. = 2"Insul Thk. = 3"Insul Thk. = 4"
1268001.130.50.50 x 7.0050.8759.6911.9416.1310.6912.9418.1311.6913.9420.1312.6914.9422.13
1480001.130.50.50 x 7.0050.87510.1912.4417.1311.1913.4419.1312.1914.4421.1313.1915.4423.13
1692001.130.630.63 x 7.005111.4413.6919.3812.4414.6921.3813.4415.6923.3814.4416.6925.38
18100001.130.630.63 x 7.005112.4414.6921.3813.4415.6923.3814.4416.6925.3815.4417.6927.38
20108001.130.630.63 x 7.005113.4415.6923.3814.4416.6925.3815.4417.6927.3816.4418.6929.38
24112001.130.630.63 x 7.0051.2515.6918.1927.3816.6919.1929.3817.6920.1931.3818.6921.1933.38