D4000 through D5000 Pre-Insulated 2 Rod Hanger Installation Instructions

Installation Steps

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1. A) Position the bottom half of the insulated hanger shield (insulating structural material and sheet metal jacket) on the pipe at the desired location as shown.

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2. A) Gently slide into position the top half of the insulated hanger shield over the bottom half shield as shown.

Note: When models include heat trace groves, the number and location may vary. Check with design drawings for exact number and location. Ensure that the heat tracing cable is properly positioned inside the grove of the shield.

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3. A) Position straps between the beads.

B) Install the threaded rod (by others), lockwashers and nuts and hand tighten.

C) Apply torque on the bolts.

D) Select torque value that correspond with the pipe size and model designation of the unit shown on Table 1.Below when tightening, it is recommended that the bolts are cross torqued until the required torqued has been achieved to obtain an even pressure on the structural insulation.

E) To ensure that the bolts are properly cross-torqued by checking spacing “B” between the ears shall be approximately the same (see Figure B).

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Figure B


Table 1
Bolt Torque
D4000 Series D5000 Series
Pipe Size Bolt Torque
Bolt Torque
1/2″ 1-3 1-3
3/4″ 1-3 1-3
1″ 1-3 1-3
1 1/4″ 1-3 1-3
1 1/2″ 1-3 1-3
2″ 2-4 2-4
2 1/2″ 2-4 2-4
3″ 3-5 3-5
3 1/2″ 3-5 3-5
4″ 3-5 3-5