Foamglas® Technical Information

Foamglas® insulation is a lightweight, rigid insulation composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. Each cell serves as an insulating agent. Foamglas® is widely used in the cryogenic and hot line pipe supports and is fabricated in various ranges of shapes, thicknesses and sizes to meet the particular requirements of an application.

One unique advantage that Foamglas® has is its very low moisture absorption. Since, Foamglas® insulation is full of closed glass cells, it resists moisture in both liquid and vapor form. This guarantees the long term performance of the insulation. Foamglas® insulation’s resistance to moisture ensures that, properly installed, it retains its original thermal efficiency.

The major advantages and applications of Foamglas® insulation are listed below. For details about the physical and mechanical properties of the Foamglas® material, please refer to the table.

Major Advantages:

• Constant Insulating Efficiency
• Fire Protection
• Corrosion Resistance
• Long Term Dimensional Stability
• Physical Strength

Major Applications:

• Cryogenic and Hot Line Pipe Supports
• Cryogenic Tanks and Vessels
• Chilled and Hot Water Service Lines
• Overfit and Revitalize the Old Insulation
• Composite Insulation Systems for Special Conditions

Density Foam Glass(8 pcf)
Compressive Strength 400.00
Flexural Strength (flat wise with grain) (psi) 80.00
Tensile Strength (with grain)(psi) N/A
Modules of Elasticity (psi) 1.3 10^6
Closed Cell Content (%) N/A
Temperature (F)-Continuous Operation 500 max.
K-Factor N/A
Thermal Conductivity
(btu/hr m^2 of)
Shear (flat wise) (1/8″ thk.) (psi) N/A
Density (lb/in^3) 0.0046
Water Absorption (%) 0.070