A1000 through A9000 Insulated Support Installation Instructions


  Model A1000 – A4000 & A9000

Installation Steps

  1. Position the bottom half of the insulated hanger shield (insulating structural material, sheet metal jacket and load plate where applicable) on the pipe at the applicable support location as shown.
  2. Hold the top half of the shield firmly. Open the overlapping sheet metal jacket and gently slide into position the top half of the insulated shield over the bottom half shield as shown.

 Model A5000 – A8400


  1. When used on a flat surface, position shield so that it is centered on the structural steel.
  2. When used with a clevis hanger, position shield symmetrically.
  3. When models include heat trace groves, the number and location may vary. Check with design drawings for exact number and location. Ensure that the heat tracing cable is properly positioned inside the grove of the shield.
  Completed assembly without load plate

 Completed Assembly Without Load Plate                           Completed Assembly With Load Plate  

completed assembly with load plate