Insulated Pipe Riser Clamps for Upward or Downward Loads – E2200

Insulated Pipe Riser Clamps for Upward or Downward Loads - E2200 - Details

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General Dimensions & Specifications

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a. If thrust plate thickness “B” is greater than pipe wall thickness, consult factory.

b. One pair thrust plates supplied loose for field welding, top only.

Note: For higher load ratings, see: E2300.

All pipe sizes
Easy Installation
Positive stop – axially downward.
May be supported from below or above.
Overlapping galvanized sheet metal jacket
Insulating structural inserts for load transfer
Other I.D.’s and/or O.D.’s available on request
Eliminates condensation sweating on chilled water risers

Performance Test Results on File: Available upon request.

E2200 – E2230 : Applicable PSI spec. doc.: No. 206
Steel Top Thrust Plates
Model E2200: A25 Carbon-Steel
Model E2210: A387 Gr.11 Chrome-Moly
Model E2220: A515 Gr.70 Carbon Silicon
Model E2230: A304L Stainless Steel
Insulation: Calcium Silicate – Asbestos-free, treated with a water repellant.
Jackets: Galvanized Steel ASTM-527
Glue: Industrial contact adhesive
Structural Inserts: High-density calcium silicate asbestos-free, treated with water repellant.
Steel Straps: Carbon Steel ASTM A-36
Fasteners: ASTM A-307 Plated
Coating: Primer coated or hot dipped galvanized. Other coatings available upon request.

Formal Submittal Sheets Available

Model E2200 through E2230 is designed for use on:

  • Cold Water
  • Hot Water
  • Dual Temperature
  • Chilled Water
  • Vacuum
  • Steam
  • Gas
  • Air

Intended for Installation on:

  • Vertical runs of insulated pipe with upward and/or downward load


  • For handling downward loads only, see E1200

Temperature Range:

  • Standard: +40°F to +1200°F CalSil Insulation
    Note: Up to 1800°F available upon request.
  • Cryogenic: -275°F to +275°F Urethane Insulation.
    Add U after the model number (i.e., E2200U)
Iron Pipe Sizeload lb.ABCDEInsul Thk. = 1"#colspanInsul Thk. = 2"Insul Thk. = 3"Insul Thk. = 4"
27500.630.50.50 x
2 1/29000.630.50.50 x
312000.630.50.50 x
418000.630.50.50 x 4.0020.6255.257.257.756.258.259.757.319.3111.888.3110.3113.88
524000.630.50.50 x 4.0020.6255.757.758.756.758.7510.757.819.81312.888.9410.9415.13
630000.880.50.50 x 5.0030.6256.258.259.757.319.3111.888.3110.3113.889.4411.4416.13
839000.880.50.50 x 5.0030.6257.319.3111.888.3110.3113.889.4411.4416.1310.4412.4418.13
1048000.880.50.50 x 6.0040.758.4410.6913.889.5611.8116.1310.5612.8118.1311.5613.8120.13
1251001.130.50.50 x 6.0040.759.5611.8116.1310.5612.8118.1311.5613.8120.1312.5613.8122.13
1460001.130.50.50 x 6.0040.7510.0612.3117.1311.0613.3119.1312.0614.3121.1313.0614.8123.13
1669001.130.50.50 x 7.0050.8811.1913.4419.1312.1914.4421.1313.1915.4423.1314.1915.3125.13
1875001.130.50.50 x 7.0050.8812.1914.4421.1313.1915.4423.1314.1916.4425.1315.1917.4427.13
2081001.130.50.50 x 7.0050.8813.1915.4423.1314.1916.4425.1315.1917.4427.1316.1918.4429.13
2484001.130.50.50 x 7.0050.8815.1917.6927.1316.1918.6929.1317.1919.6931.1318.1920.6933.13