Insulated 2-Rod Hanger – D6100

Insulated 2-Rod Hanger - D6100 - Details

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General Dimensions & Specifications

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Dimensions and ratings are subject to change without notice.

The load ratings represent average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subjected to normal manufacturing variations.

Note: For higher load ratings, see: D6300.

Easy Installation
Eliminates welding to pipe
Copper tubing sizes and pipe sizes.
Overlapping galvanized sheet metal jacket
Minimizes heat-loss and/or condensation
Minimal overhead clearance requirement
Other I.D.’s and/or O.D.’s available on request

Performance Test Results on File: Available upon request.

D6100: Applicable PSI spec. doc.: No. 209
Insulation: Calcium Silicate – Asbestos-free, treated with a water repellant.
Jackets: Galvanized Steel ASTM-527
Glue: Industrial contact adhesive
Structural Inserts: High-density calcium silicate asbestos-free, treated with water repellant.
Steel Straps: Carbon Steel ASTM A-36
Fasteners: ASTM A-307 Plated
Coating: Primer coated or hot dipped galvanized. Other coatings available upon request.

Formal Submittal Sheets Available

Model D6100 is designed for use on:

  • Cold Water
  • Hot Water
  • Dual Temperature
  • Chilled Water
  • Vacuum
  • Steam
  • Gas
  • Air

Intended to be hung from two threaded rods in close overhead clearance conditions.

Temperature Range:

  • Standard: +40°F to +1200°F CalSil Insulation
    Note: Up to 1800°F available upon request.
  • Cryogenic: -275°F to +275°F Urethane Insulation.
    Add U after the model number (i.e., D6100U)
Pipe Sizeload lb.ABInsul Thk. = 1"Insul Thk. = 2"Insul Thk. = 3"Insul Thk. = 4"
512001/2 x 30.54.1311.2565.1313.2566.1815.37567.3117.6256
616001/2 x 30.54.6312.2565.6814.37566.6816.37567.8118.6256
826001/2 x 30.635.6814.62566.6816.62567.8118.87568.8120.8756
1040005/8 x 30.756.6917.12567.8119.37568.8121.37569.8123.3759
1248003/4 x 30.757.8119.87568.8121.87569.8123.875610.8125.8759
1450003/4 x 30.758.3120.87569.3122.875610.3124.875911.3126.8759
1661501 x 30.889.3124.125610.3126.125611.3128.125912.3130.1259
1861501 x 4 1/20.8810.3126.125911.3128.125912.3130.125913.3132.1259
2061501 x 4 1/20.8811.3128.125912.3130.125913.3132.125914.3134.12512
2485501 x 4 1/2113.3132.375914.3134.3751215.3136.3751216.3138.12512
3085501 x 4 1/21.2516.3138.8751217.3140.8751218.3142.8751219.3144.87512