Insulated 2-Bolt Hanger – D2000

General Dimensions & Specifications

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Dimensions and ratings are subject to change without notice.

The load ratings represent average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subjected to normal manufacturing variations.

To obtain load ratings for operating temperatures of 500°F and higher, mulitply maximum load rating by factor “F” in Table II.

Easy Installation
Eliminates welding to pipe
Copper tubing sizes and pipe sizes.
Overlapping galvanized sheet metal jacket
Minimizes heat-loss and/or condensation
Other I.D.’s and/or O.D.’s available on request
Calcium Silicate insulation extends 1″ beyond the galvanized sheet metal jacket providing for an easier wet lag butt joint with the pipe insulation.

Performance Test Results on File: Available upon request.

D2000: Applicable PSI spec. doc.: No. 209
Insulation: Calcium Silicate – Asbestos-free, treated with a water repellant.
Jackets: Galvanized Steel ASTM-527
Glue: Industrial contact adhesive
Steel Straps: Carbon Steel ASTM A-36
Fasteners: ASTM A-307 Plated
Coating: Primer coated or hot dipped galvanized. Other coatings available upon request.

Formal Submittal Sheets Available

Model D2000 is designed for use on:

Cold Water
Chilled Water

Intended to be hung from threaded rod.

Temperature Range: +40°F to +1200°F

Iron Pipe Size(a) load lb.ABCDInsul Thk. = 1"Insul Thk. = 2"Insul Thk. = 3"Insul Thk. = 4"Insul Thk. = 5"
1/2651/8 x 1 1/20.380.690.562.3863.4464.7565.7566.816
3/4751/8 x 1 1/20.380.690.562.3863.4464.7565.7566.816
1901/8 x 1 1/20.380.690.562.6963.7264.7565.7566.816
1 1/21501/8 x 1 1/20.380.690.562.9464.2565.2566.3167.316
22451/4 x 1 1/20.50.810.633.5664.6365.6366.6967.696
2 1/22901/4 x 1 1/20.50.810.633.8165.1366.1397.1998.319
33651/4 x 1 1/20.631.060.634.2265.2566.2597.3198.449
44751/4 x 1 1/20.631.060.634.7565.7566.8197.8198.949
Oper Temp °FMult Factor "F"