Insulated Pipe Support – Heavy Duty with Load Bearing Plate – A8400

Insulated Pipe Support - Heavy Duty with Load Bearing Plate - A8400 - Details

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General Dimensions & Specifications

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Hardware Sold Separately – Note: For higher load ratings, see B1200. The load ratings represent average values obtained in accordance with accepted methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. Dimensions and ratings are subject to change without notice.

Easy Installation
Eliminates welding to pipe
Overlapping galvanized sheet metal jacket
Insulating structural inserts for load transfer
Minimizes heat loss and/or condensation
Load distribution plate integral with bottom jacket
Copper tubing sizes available
Other I.D.’s and/or O.D.’s available on request

Performance Test Results on File: Available upon request.

A8400: Applicable PSI spec. doc.: No. 205
Insulation: Calcium Silicate asbestos-free, treated with water repellant.
Jackets: Galvanized Steel ASTMA-527
Structural Inserts: High-density calcium silicate asbestos-free, treated with water repellant.
Load Distribution Plate: Carbon Steel ASTM A-36
Coating: Primer coated or hot-dip galvanized. Other coatings available upon request.
Glue: Industrial contact adhesive

Formal Submittal Sheets Available

Model A8400 is designed for use on:

  • Cold Water
  • Hot Water
  • Dual Temperature
  • Chilled Water
  • Vacuum
  • Steam
  • Gas
  • Air

Intended for Installation on:

  • Pipe Rolls
  • Flat Surfaces, see A7400
  • Clevis hangers, see A9000

Temperature Range:

  • Standard: +40°F to +1200°F CalSil Insulation
    Note: Up to 1800°F available upon request.
  • Cryogenic: -275°F to +275°F Urethane Insulation.
    Add U after the model number (i.e., A8400U)
Pipe SizeMaximum Load Rating (lb.)ABCMax. Axial Travel (inches) on Pipe Roll +/-
On Pipe Roll
10187512912 1/4
12340012912 1/4
14350012912 1/4
16395012912 1/4
18430012912 1/4
20455012912 1/4
24495012912 1/4
30545012912 1/4
36645012912 1/4
42745012912 1/4