Pipe Shields to Rilco

Pipe Shields, Inc. Figure Numbers to Rilco Figure Numbers Equivalency Chart
The information provided in our equivalency section is a general guide only and should not be treated as a substitute for detailed technical advice in relation to individual circumstances or particular applications of pipe support products. Please contact Pipe Shields, Inc. if you require such advice. PTP/PSI is not responsible for customer selection and/or use of competitor products based on equivalency chart.
Pipe Shields Figure No.Rilco Figure No.
Pipe Shields A1000Rilco HC-1000, Rilco HF-1000
Pipe Shields A2000Rilco HC-2000, Rilco HF-2000
Pipe Shields A3000Rilco HC-3000, Rilco HF-3000, Rilco HR-3000
Pipe Shields A4000Rilco HC-4000, Rilco HF-4000, Rilco HR-4000
Pipe Shields A5000Rilco HF-5000, Rilco HR-5000,
Pipe Shields A6000Rilco HF-6000, Rilco HR-6000
Pipe Shields A7000Rilco HF-7000
Pipe Shields A7200Rilco HF-7200
Pipe Shields A7400Rilco HF-7400
Pipe Shields A8000Rilco HF-8000
Pipe Shields A8200Rilco HF-8200
Pipe Shields A8400Rilco HF-8400
Pipe Shields A9000Rilco HC-9000
Pipe Shields B1000Rilco HS-1000
Pipe Shields B1100Rilco HS-1100
Pipe Shields B1200Rilco HS-1200
Pipe Shields B1300Rilco HS-1300
Pipe Shields B2000Rilco HS-2000
Pipe Shields B2100Rilco HS-2100
Pipe Shields B2200Rilco HS-2200
Pipe Shields B2300Rilco HS-2300
Pipe Shields B3000Rilco HG-3000
Pipe Shields B3100Rilco HG-3100
Pipe Shields B3200Rilco HG-3200
Pipe Shields B3300Rilco HG-3300
Pipe Shields B4000Rilco HG-4000
Pipe Shields B4100Rilco HG-4100
Pipe Shields B4200Rilco HG-4200
Pipe Shields B4300Rilco HG-4300
Pipe Shields B5000Rilco HS-5000
Pipe Shields B5100Rilco HS-5100
Pipe Shields B5200Rilco HS-5200
Pipe Shields B5300Rilco HS-5300
Pipe Shields B6000Rilco HS-6000
Pipe Shields B6100Rilco HS-6100
Pipe Shields B6200Rilco HS-6200
Pipe Shields B6300Rilco HS-6300
Pipe Shields B7000Rilco HG-7000
Pipe Shields B7100Rilco HG-7100
Pipe Shields B7200Rilco HG-7200
Pipe Shields B7300Rilco HG-7300
Pipe Shields B8000Rilco HG-8000
Pipe Shields B8100Rilco HG-8100
Pipe Shields B8200Rilco HG-8200
Pipe Shields B8300Rilco HG-8300
Pipe Shields C1000Rilco HA-1000
Pipe Shields C1100Rilco HA-1100
Pipe Shields C2000Rilco HA-2000
Pipe Shields C2100Rilco HA-2100
Pipe Shields C3000N/A
Pipe Shields C3100N/A
Pipe Shields C3200N/A
Pipe Shields C3300N/A
Pipe Shields C4000Rilco HA-4000
Pipe Shields C4100Rilco HA-4100
Pipe Shields C4200Rilco HA-4200
Pipe Shields C4300Rilco HA-4300
Pipe Shields D1000Rilco HH-1000
Pipe Shields D2000Rilco HH-2000
Pipe Shields D3000Rilco HH-3000
Pipe Shields D3100Rilco HH-3100
Pipe Shields D3200Rilco HH-3200
Pipe Shields D3300Rilco HH-3300
Pipe Shields D4000Rilco HH-4000
Pipe Shields D5000Rilco HH-5000
Pipe Shields D6000Rilco HH-6000
Pipe Shields D6100Rilco HH-6100
Pipe Shields D6200Rilco HH-6200
Pipe Shields D6300Rilco HH-6300
Pipe Shields E1000Rilco HV-1000
Pipe Shields E1100Rilco HV-1100
Pipe Shields E1200Rilco HV-1200
Pipe Shields E1300Rilco HV-1300
Pipe Shields E2000Rilco HV-2000
Pipe Shields E2100Rilco HV-2100
Pipe Shields E2200Rilco HV-2200
Pipe Shields E2300Rilco HV-2300
Pipe Shields G1000N/A
Pipe Shields G1200N/A
Pipe Shields G2000N/A
Pipe Shields G2200N/A
Pipe Shields G3000N/A
Rilco Figure Numbers to Pipe Shields Figure Number Equivalent
RilcoPipe Shields Figure
Rilco HC-1000Pipe Shields A1000
Rilco HC-2000Pipe Shields A2000
Rilco HC-3000Pipe Shields A3000
Rilco HC-4000Pipe Shields A4000
Rilco HC-9000Pipe Shields A9000
Rilco HF-1000Pipe Shields A1000
Rilco HF-2000Pipe Shields A2000
Rilco HF-3000Pipe Shields A3000
Rilco HF-4000Pipe Shields A4000
Rilco HF-5000Pipe Shields A5000
Rilco HF-6000Pipe Shields A6000
Rilco HF-7000Pipe Shields A7000
Rilco HF-7200Pipe Shields A7200
Rilco HF-7400Pipe Shields A7400
Rilco HF-8000Pipe Shields A8000
Rilco HF-8200Pipe Shields A8200
Rilco HF-8400Pipe Shields A8400
Rilco HR-3000Pipe Shields A3000
Rilco HR-4000Pipe Shields A4000
Rilco HR-5000Pipe Shields A5000
Rilco HR-6000Pipe Shields A6000
Rilco HS-1000Pipe Shields B1000
Rilco HS-1100Pipe Shields B1100
Rilco HS-1200Pipe Shields B1200
Rilco HS-1300Pipe Shields B1300
Rilco HS-2000Pipe Shields B2000
Rilco HS-2100Pipe Shields B2100
Rilco HS-2200Pipe Shields B2200
Rilco HS-2300Pipe Shields B2300
Rilco HS-5000Pipe Shields B5000
Rilco HS-5100Pipe Shields B5100
Rilco HS-5200Pipe Shields B5200
Rilco HS-5300Pipe Shields B5300
Rilco HS-6000Pipe Shields B6000
Rilco HS-6100Pipe Shields B6100
Rilco HS-6200Pipe Shields B6200
Rilco HS-6300Pipe Shields B6300
Rilco HG-3000Pipe Shields B3000
Rilco HG-3100Pipe Shields B3100
Rilco HG-3200Pipe Shields B3200
Rilco HG-3300Pipe Shields B3300
Rilco HG-4000Pipe Shields B4000
Rilco HG-4100Pipe Shields B4100
Rilco HG-4200Pipe Shields B4200
Rilco HG-4300Pipe Shields B4300
Rilco HG-7000Pipe Shields B7000
Rilco HG-7100Pipe Shields B7100
Rilco HG-7200Pipe Shields B7200
Rilco HG-7300Pipe Shields B7300
Rilco HG-8000Pipe Shields B8000
Rilco HG-8100Pipe Shields B8100
Rilco HG-8200Pipe Shields B8200
Rilco HG-8300Pipe Shields B8300
Rilco HA-1000Pipe Shields C1000
Rilco HA-1100Pipe Shields C1100
Rilco HA-2000Pipe Shields C2000
Rilco HA-2100Pipe Shields C2100
Rilco HA-4000Pipe Shields C4000
Rilco HA-4100Pipe Shields C4100
Rilco HA-4200Pipe Shields C4200
Rilco HA-4300Pipe Shields C4300
Rilco HH-1000Pipe Shields D1000
Rilco HH-2000Pipe Shields D2000
Rilco HH-3000Pipe Shields D3000
Rilco HH-3100Pipe Shields D3100
Rilco HH-3200Pipe Shields D3200
Rilco HH-3300Pipe Shields D3300
Rilco HH-4000Pipe Shields D4000
Rilco HH-5000Pipe Shields D5000
Rilco HH-6000Pipe Shields D6000
Rilco HH-6100Pipe Shields D6100
Rilco HH-6200Pipe Shields D6200
Rilco HH-6300Pipe Shields D6300
Rilco HV-1000Pipe Shields E1000
Rilco HV-1100Pipe Shields E1100
Rilco HV-1200Pipe Shields E1200
Rilco HV-1300Pipe Shields E1300
Rilco HV-2000Pipe Shields E2000
Rilco HV-2100Pipe Shields E2100
Rilco HV-2200Pipe Shields E2200
Rilco HV-2300Pipe Shields E2300