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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make certain that insulated pipe supports will be used in my facility?

Whether you have an in-house engineering capability or sub-contract the engineering effort to an outside firm, you should make clear that one or more of the typical General Mechanical Specifications, included elsewhere in this catalog, are followed. Over the years, specifications have become so ambiguous that they often result in a complete license to have anything but what the owner/operator wishes installed on the project. In addition, a properly written specification places the responsibility for the purchase and installation of insulated pipe supports with the Mechanical Contractor, resulting in a lower bid - (and lower total project cost) from the Insulating Contractor. Pipe Shields, Inc. has an open offer to work with you and/or your Engineer, to review your current specifications and provide recommendations to assure that the most economic and appropriate supports are used on your project.

High Temperature Pre-Insulated Anchor

High Temperature Pre-Insulated Anchor


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